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Milky Spiral Perc Bong

Milky Spiral Perc Bong Italy
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  • Milky Spiral Perc Bong Italy
  • Milky Spiral Perc Bong Italy
  • Milky Spiral Perc Bong Italy
  • Milky Spiral Perc Bong Italy
  • Milky Spiral Perc Bong Italy
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NamasteVapes Soluzione Detergente
NamasteVapes Soluzione Detergente
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Grace Glass are continuously providing us with impressive bongs. Their reputation is forever growing, and rightly so. The technical designs along with the particular attractiveness of their pieces are creating truly impressive bongs. The Milky Spiral Perc Bong is no different, it is making great shapes in the water pipe world and is expected to keep doing so. Make sure to grab yours while stocks last.


The percolator Grace Glass have implemented in their Milky Spiral Perc Bong are of the Spiral or coil type. The spiral percolator works by increasing the surface area of the smoke as it travels towards the mouthpiece. By doing this, the percolator both cools and filters the smoke to produce only the cleanest and smoothest hits. 


The design implemented in this piece is extremely attractive to look at. Grace Glass used a milky style of coloring to give their bong a unique look, finishing with their trademark logo on the shaft.

Technical Specification

Brand - Grace Glass

Diffusor - Slitted

Joint - Female

Joint size - 18.8mm

Material - Glass

Mouthpiece - Straight

Percolator - Spiral/Coil