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Gaia USB Charger | Linx

Gaia USB Charger | Linx
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NamasteVapes Soluzione Detergente
NamasteVapes Soluzione Detergente
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Gaia USB Charger | Linx

A prefect replacement charger for the Linx Gia Unit. Simply use the charger to charge your linx Gia Unit.

The Gia Lithium ion battery can be full charged within 3-4 hours via USB charger 2200 mAH.

How to Charge Linx Gaia?

  • To detach the charger with unit just pull It downward.
  • Plug the connector to linx Gaia and a viable power source.
  • Remove the charger once your device is fully charged.

Gaia USB Charger Features:

  • Compatible only with Linx Gaia
  • Easy to use & 3-4 hours are enough to charge your device fully.
  • A Linx Vapor accessory


1 x Linx Gaia USB Charger.

Nota: Per i caricatori USB, il caricabatterie sarà un apposito cavo USB per la ricarica . La spina del vaporizzatore sarà prodotta come è in Italia, è necessario utilizzare un connettore USB per attaccarla direttamente alla presa