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Pax3 vs Firefly2, who wins?

Pubblicato su: Nov 07, 2016


In a clash between the two giants of the vaping world, the Pax 3 and the Firefly, we’d have a duel to the death, a duel where two of the great vapes of the modern era come head to head in in a titanic clash for the ages.

This would be a contest where no quarter was asked and none given. No mercy would be expected as both opponents come equipped with a whole host of tools that could deliver a knock out blow at any moment. The duel between these two is something akin to a George Foreman, Muhammed Ali, Rumble in the jungle.

Both vapes are excellent quality and measure up against each other equally well, with both delivering an outstanding high comparable against any vape anywhere in the world. The fruits of the both companies vaping labour is clearly on show here resulting in two outstanding vapes that deliver sublime herbal nirvana straight into your lungs.


Pax 3

  Pax 3

First, lets start of with the Pax 3 which is a small but beautifully efficient product. The device itself easily fits into your hand and is very convenient piece of machinery to have wherever you are.
The Pax 3 is polished to a sparkling shiny shade of black that exudes class, charisma, and confidence. One end of this vape has a spot for a mouthpiece that allows you to change the type of mouthpiece you find most comfortable with. The other side of the vape features a magnetic lid, or oven as its more commonly referred too. The oven on the Pax3 is a larger version than the one on the Pax2 and this allows for more herbs to be inserted inside.
One of the issues we did encounter with the Pax 3 is that we found it difficult to load in spite of the bigger oven. We found that it was a difficulty process to tap down the herbs into the machine. A word of caution if the vape moves at all, you'll more than likely send the contents spilling all over the place.
The Pax uses an accelerometer, single button, and also a RGB LED readout on the face of the device which allows you to operate the device. All you have to do to turn on the device is the click and button and she's ready for action and if you want find out about the temperature settings you should hold down on the same button for a number of seconds.
There are also several operating modes which are easily accessible for you in your time of need. One of the most impressive modes is the party mode which reduces the temperature and allows you to pass the vape around without unnecessarily wasting any of your precious herbs.
The smoke you'll enjoy from a Pax 3 truly is a thing of exquisite beauty. The vape is tender and delicate without being too forceful as you inhale the contents into your body. You certainly wont feel like the smoke is too strong, you'll come ahead from a smoke of a Pax3 with one word floating through your mind and that one word is perfection.

The Firefly 

The Firefly

With the Firefly vaporizer nearly as soon as you click your fingers you'll have herbs soaking into every cell of your body. The almost instant heat up time ensures that the vape is always ready for action. Make no mistake about it, If you need an emergency hit, the Firefly will be like a guardian angel sitting on your shoulder ready to rescue you in your time of need.
The reason for this efficiency is because the pure convection allows the device to heat up the vapour in as short a time as 4-7 seconds. Another positive about this product is that it requires very little maintenance and it wont require you to splash out again and again on its upkeep.
The firefly comes packed with a range of excellent accessories such as a travel bag which has the name "firefly" inscribed on it. The bag is excellent for concealing and protecting the vape wherever you are. Also included with any purchase is 5 replacement screens and 5 cleaning picks which can come in handy.
The heating system which the firefly uses is an all glass heating chamber where temperatures can go as high as 400f in a matter of seconds. One of the benefits of this is that none of your herbs are unnecessarily wasted as the unit varies in temperature.
Cleaning the device is quick and easy and you shouldn't encounter many problems. The Firefly also comes equipped with a Lithium-ion battery in which you can get about 60 minutes of continuous use before you'll need recharging. The battery can be easily slipped out the back of it and if you're thinking ahead you could have another fully charged battery ready to insert into your vape.


I'd have to side with the Firefly becomes of its overall package and the ease of use that it allows. The difficulty in loading the Pax3 does count against it, but this black mark is more then forgotten about when you draw the vape into your body and experience a smooth and delicious high.
But similarly the Firefly also provides an excellent hit straight from the heavens and at a really smooth consistency. Overall, the firefly vaporizer is simple to use and it doesn't need much upkeep. The Firefly also comes with a 5 year warranty that shows how confident the makers are in their product.
For me, its the Firefly that emerges victorious in the battle between these two vaping heavyweights. Whilst the victory for the Firefly was on points, and both contestants displayed some excellent qualities, the Firefly just edges it to win a narrow victory on points.